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 Natural Brow Design


  There is a lot of over-tweezed, overarched, and overdrawn on brows out there... Our style is natural. We want to get your brows back to their natural state but better! The brows you were born with are the ones that look best on you.

     We will use your bone structure and your brow growth patterns to analyze your brows. At your first appointment, we will demonstrate what your brows are capable of becoming and why your current brow design is not "working".

    We don’t use generic mapping tools like rulers, stencils, or sticks to “lineup here to determine where your brow starts and ends”. Nature tells us everything we need to know. Our design method is anatomy based. This gives you a truly customized brow that fits and complements you. We will then wax your brows, working with what you have. You return every 3-4 weeks and let us do our thing! And NO TWEEZING between appointments!!  In no time, your brows will be just like we want...PERFECT!




Brow Design  - 30min/$35

 Brow Design Maintenance

(For a returning client within 4 weeks after their first eyebrow design)

15- 20min/$23

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